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Kehilla High Holy Days 2023 ALL ACCESS Tickets

Kehilla ALL ACCESS High Holy Day Tickets 
If you meant to purchase
VIRTUAL ONLY or FAMILY/TOT ONLY tickets, or aren't sure what kind of ticket you need, please click the appropriate link above

All of our Main Services will be fully Multi-Access as they will be live-streamed on Zoom.
With an ALL ACCESS Ticket, y
ou may join virtually or in-person for any of our High Holy Days services.

Kehilla Members 
automatically receive High Holy Day tickets with membership but are warmly invited to get tickets for family and friends.

To see full service descriptions, visit our official High Holy Days website

If you need help with the ticket-buying process, please email

Kehilla recognizes that people have many different levels of financial capacity. Our services are available to anyone regardless of financial resource. Please consider the per-person ticket scales below when deciding your contribution. If you are able, please contribute towards the top of the scale. Your contribution makes Kehilla's year-round work possible and helps others attend our meaningful High Holy Day services. 

Reminder: Kehilla members get Hight Holy Day tickets automatically and do not need to purchase them. Please use this form if needed to buy tickets for your non-member friends and loved ones. 

Also, if you have a ShulCloud login, please make sure you're logged in before you complete the form. 

The email entered here is the one that will receive all information about services, Including Zoom Links and the Confirmation Email, so make sure you Enter it Correctly. If you are buying tickets for someone else, you can either forward them all of said information, or put their email here (maximum one email per form submission)

   Rachamim/Compassion (your contribution covers costs) - $400.00
   Tzedek/Justice - $200.00
   Shalom/Peace - $100.00
   Ahavah/Love - $50.00
   Kehilla/Community - $20.00
*An individual ticket is required for each person 13 and over joining us for services
   Flexible cost tickets
*An individual ticket is required for each person 13 and over joining us for services

Sat, May 25 2024 17 Iyyar 5784